Brian Smart - Founder of Smart Data Solutions

Built on experience in the real world

Brian Smart has spent the last 15 years developing software for real world environments and situations totally bespoke to the individual project.

Moving up through the ranks of management in the mid 90's when the computer age had just begun, it was in this area that Brian put his programming knowledge to best use. Hanson Foundry Ltd in Stockport was a supplier of Non-Ferous castings to the Ministry of Defence and so precision, accuracy, document control and certificate production was of paramount importance and yet they were using a manual, hand-written system.

In just twelve months, Brian converted the entire system from a manual, paper-based type to a fully-fledged computerised system with a database to hold all records and a reporting system capable of producing all certificates, test reports and other documentation.

Moving on from the foundry in 1998, Brian turned his attention to a mixture of software programming and IT Training for the blue-chip clients of a Manchester based Computer Training Company Burneth (Later to become KiTE). Reebok were one of those clients. They had a requirement for some software that would assist their apparel designers so Brian, along with Graphic Designers at Burneth produced a garment management application that would allow the designers at Reebok to produce them on screen first.

In 2002, Manchester was host to the Commonwealth Games and during the preceeding 2 years of the games, Brian conducted classes in Microsoft Office products for all the staff at Manchester 2002 Ltd. An honourable experience in itself, Brian met over a thousand members of the Commonwealth Games staff and was able to impart his knowledge of all Microsoft Office products.

Since 2002, Brian has been developing very many websites and bespoke desktop and web based software for window companies, Personal Trainers, Computer services companies amongst others.

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