Customer Testimonials

A testimony is very often just a few words of thanks or commendation from someone that instils confidence in others and so this page is dedicated to those exsisting customers who felt compelled and went to the trouble to put their experience on paper.

Tyson Taylor - J L Computer Services

"For many years Brian and I have worked closely on a number of projects together, differing in scale, but at all times Brian has approached each of these with the same level of knowledge and commitment to deliver, always ensuring maximum value and return, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Smart Data Solutions to any one of my customers or associates"

Keith Robins - Secretary, Tameside Bowling League

"Having been approached by Brian 3 years ago, the Tameside Bowling League were looking to advance their profile with a dedicated website. The work on this website – that formed a part of Brian’s original James North Bowling Club website – has raised the profile of the League far beyond expectations. The professional manner in which Brian originated the site – which includes a full statistic service, as well as a dedicated message board – was exemplary. We have found him to be a highly diligent and conscientious, and a pleasure to work with on both a personal and professional level."

Matthew Rutter - Director, Hanson Foundry Ltd

"Brian raised his abilities and met every challenge presented to him both in his role when he joined and on climbing the ladder from shop floor to inspection to Quality manager. He showed himself to be capable, intelligent and above all other elements dedicated to the business and to customer satisfaction. He developed a system via MS Project to manage the order book and plan available capacity. His dedication in being a true completer/ finisher in all QA matters was a credit to him. Brian is an asset to any business he works for and if the opportunity would arise I would love to work with him again"

Dave Stearns - General Manager, Malbern Insulated Glass

"Smart Data Solutions have written bespoke software over many years for my Sales Order Processing, Production Planning, Purchasing, Stock Control & Quality System. The most user friendly interfaces I have ever worked with, and fantastic after-sales support and ongoing development.
Many thanks Brian, keep up the good work."

Phil Berry - Colour Code Trade Frames

"Brian and I have worked on several bespoke pieces of software over the past few years - That is, Brian does all the work, and I simply discuss, test, digest, recommend and between us, fine tune the solution The one thing that became evident from the beginning of each project, was Brian's ability to see the piece of software from the end users perspective. Once he established the basic requirements, he would then suggest improvements and enhancements to enable future developments if ever needed."

Jamie Lester - Future Fit

"I have found the services of Brian (Smart Data Solutions) extremely beneficial in my business.
As a self employed Personal Trainer I am constantly aiming to improve my service to my clients.
One way I have been able to do this is by using a program written by Brian. I approached Brian to enquire about a program that I would be able to use to store all data on each of my clients.
Brian was very efficient and professional during the build of the program. He took time out to understand my business, meaning a more tailored and bespoke program to my needs, resulting in software I use, which is more useful to me than I could have imagined.
Brian is extremely professional, attentive to detail and easy to communicate with. Smart Data Solutions is the only company I will consider using for any IT needs in the future. "

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